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Despite this being the most difficult financial year for Guiseley Theatre, we are still passionate about bringing our lovely Victorian Theatre back to life and installing it with up-to-date facilities and infrastructure to secure it's position as a community hub and fantastic arts venue for years to come.

Over the past 6 months we have been renovating our downstairs rooms which are used by many community groups, to provide a clean fresh look and to take the building right back to its Victorian heritage, look and feel.

However, the Barney Colehan Hall presents many challenges, and requires a great amount of fundraising to get it operational as a Theatre once more.

We are currently liaising with Leeds City Council who we lease the building from, to fix the structural problems, damp and rot in the roof timbers which have caused great damage to our stage rigging and electrics, and it looks like this work will be taking place shortly - great news!

However, whilst in lockdown 2020, a survey of our stage equipment deemed it unsuitable for operation and we have since been working hard to rip out and remove 50 years  worth of electrical, rigging and light installations which means our stage is now completely bare.

We have kept any working and functional equipment, but we cannot open our stage to performances and shows until a rewire and install has been completed.

Our target date to complete this work is March 2021 when we have our first bookings in the diary! 

We would love it if you could donate the average price of a Theatre ticket (£15) to help us on the way...

Donate the price of a ticket to #SAVEOURSTAGE

Our fundraisers wall of fame!

Our #SaveOurStage appeal has inspired our community, users, staff, local businesses and theatre lovers to get out there and raise money to ensure that live theatre can return to Guiseley Theatre as soon as possible! 

Take a look at what these local legends have been doing to support their local community, and if you are looking to sponsor them, head to our JustGiving Page and let us know who you are supporting in the comments when you donate!

Or you might feel inspired to run your own fundraiser! You could do a sponsored walk, or sponsored quiz or sky dive,  and if you are stuck at home home schooling, we have fundraising resources and educational tools available for free here! 

If you are planning your own fundraiser, let us know so we can celebrate and let people know via social media and add you to to our Wall of Fame! 


Claire Whitaker raised £100 in a special Birthday Fundraiser asking for donations instead of Gifts!


Just My Cuppa have been donating 50% of their profits to #SaveOurStage on every cake sold! So far they have raised over £200!


Darren streamed online concerts with Pay What You Can donations toward #SaveOurStage


Edie and Ezra are climbing the height of a mountain on their stairs at home to raise money for #SaveOurStage


Eleanor Thomson ran 8 miles on Christmas eve dressed as an Elf raising over £400 for Guiseley Theatre!

If you would like to speak to us about sponsorship or making a large donation, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at

Or find our redevelopment fundraiser at and take a look at our wider redevelopment funds here.

Electrical Circuit

With £5000...

We can provide adequate and usable power to the stage. This will include a rewire from the cellar up to the stage from which we can install the appropriate dimmers, patch panels and power outlets.

With £5,000 and power to the stage, a temporary rig of truss on crank stands could be erected to provide basic sound and lighting for any Theatre event in the Main Hall.

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