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Theatre's New Bar

‘Barretts Bar’ (or ‘Barretts’) is the name given to the main bar in the ‘Dvorak room’, after Harold Barrett, Chairman of Guiseley Theatre 1986-2014. Currently, the bar is made up of second hand fridges and dated temporary’ structures, opening only for performances and private functions. Though this redevelopment, this could be a truly phenomenal space.

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Guiseley Theatre is a beautiful Victorian building that started a redevelopment programme in 2020 to make use of the forced down time due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In this time, most of the building underwent drastic improvements that are enjoyed by the community today. 'Barretts Bar' however was the only area not to be touched due to budget constraints.

With new facilities, Barrett’s Bar has the potential to be a thriving local bar, open regardless of whether a performance is happening elsewhere in the building. With its own events, themed evenings and parties, Barretts bar would almost become a venue in its own right and could potentially be a new, much needed source of income for the theatre to ensure that the building will survive for future generations


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